Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The true meaning of memorial day

Speedy Car loans hopes everyone had a safe and fun Memorial Day Weekend!!

Sometimes, the original sentiment of a holiday can get lost.

The true meaning of Memorial Day may have been buried in the excitement of a long weekend of BBQs, pool parties and big sales. There's no shame in enjoying the three-day weekend but don't forget the deeper meaning of freedom and remembrance. We are able to enjoy the lxury of freedom because the generations before us offered centuries of sacrafice.

Friday, May 25, 2012

3 ways to get a lower rate auto loan with bad credit

Bad Credit is everywhere these days. If you have it, you are not alone. Just because you have flawed credit, or even repos, bankruptcies or foreclosures, it doesn't mean you won't qualify for an auto loan. Many great banks have sub-prime programs for good people who made a few mistakes but are in need of an auto loan!

Here are a few things you can do to make it easier to purchase a car with bad credit:

1. Save as much as you can for your down payment. This will help to reduce the amount that you have to borrow. Larger down payments also reduce the risk to the lender and may give you a better rate, which means a lower payment and/or more car for your money. 

2. Co-signers also reduce the risk to the lender. Co-signers agree to take up the payment, in the event that the borrower defaults on the loan. Most people believe a co-signer needs to have perfect credit. This is not true. Having a co-signer may also save you some money and get you more car.  

3. Boost your FICO by paying off outstanding debts to lower your debt to income ratio. Pay down those maxed out credit cards and the bank will see you as a more responsible borrower with fewer bills. This may also help significantly reduce that rate!

With bad credit, you most likely are not going to get the rate you want, but taking the time to do things right may increase your chances of getting a lower one, and a car loan is a great way to rebuild credit. If you want to talk more about your options give Speedy Car Loans of Las Vegas a call at 702 478-2605 and we will be happy to help you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We just sold this beautiful 2011 Chrysler Town & Country to Courtney Konstantin!
Congrats Courtney!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sold this week:2009 Mercedes Benz ML350 for Alice Cyparski

2009 Mercedes Benz ML350 for Alice Cyparski

Even with bad credit or bankruptcy Speedy Car Loans of Las Vegas can help you get into the car of your dreams. Give us a call and let us work our auto loan magic today!! 

 702 478-2605

Friday, May 18, 2012

FACT: It is easier to get approved on a newer, more reliable car than an older one when you have bad credit

Are you tired of jumping from problem car to problem car? have you been buying other peoples junk cars on Craigslist, draining your savings account, then having to worry about repair bills every month? It is easier than you think to get approved on a NEWER car with LOW miles... even with credit problems. Most people are not aware, but the bank is more likely to loan you money for a car that they think will last. Why? When you have a reliable car that doesn't break down, you are more likely to make your payments and be on time. Even if your bad credit has caused small dealers to turn you away, there is a good chance Speedy Car Loans can get you approved on a GREAT car. Give us a call. What do you have to lose?!

702 478-2605

Monday, May 14, 2012

Speedy Car loans customer review

After we sold this Kia Sportage to Antionette we received this great email:
Good Morning,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you and your staff has done for my son and I….I made the right decision by choosing your company to get a new car…You and your staff went above and beyond with your great service….It was painless, quick and most of all the vehicle you got me is THE BOMB!!!!

You folks don’t realize how GRATEFUL my son and I are!!!!!! You’ve made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!, You’ve given me my INDEPENDENCE back, You’ve given me my CONFIDENCE back and the feeling that I CAN do things on my own., You’ve made my 6yr old son FEEL SAFE again with the vehicle you got me. As we were driving home he was so cute he and HAPPY. He told me ” Mom this car is sooooo much more roomier for me, the back windows can go down, we have a radio,we have heat, I have a cup holder in the back for me, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER MOM!!!!.

I told him that it wasn’t me who made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER it was you folks…I can honestly say taking my neighbors advice and going to your website and applying online was THE SECOND BEST DECISION I’ve made in my life..Yes I did say second…sorry…getting a divorce almost 2yrs ago was the first….LOL.

So again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!! I’m ending the year 2011 on a VERY POSITIVE NOTE as well as starting the year 2012 on a VERY POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING NOTE…


Antoinette & Alexander…

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Say NO to in house financing!

Many people that have bad credit think that they have to use a buy here pay here car lot in order to obtain auto financing. This is certainly not the case, in fact Speedy Car Loans can usually get you approved with a real bank even if you were turned down at a car dealership. If car dealerships have turned you down and told you that your credit is not good enough, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will find through Speedy Car Loans. We are Las Vegas experts at helping those with bad credit get into a reliable vehicle and auto loan- which is also a huge step in the right direction to fix that bad credit!

You Do Not Have To Use Buy Here Pay Here Financing!

Car lots with in-house financing are in most areas. Sometimes, These dealerships make their money by overcharging people that have bad credit. Generally speaking, these types of car lots by used cars at car auctions that normal car dealerships do not want to buy and normal banks refuse to finance. The reason may be because of an unpopular model, high mileage or that the vehicle has damage or mechanical problems that the buy here pay here dealers can have patched. Typically, the most common scenario is a newer model, high mileage car. New car dealerships have a hard time getting anyone financed on a vehicle that has more than 75,000 miles on it. Buy here pay here dealers basically make their money selling cars that other dealers don’t want, to the people that don’t have the credit to go to a normal car dealership. These cars generally break down before they are paid off, leaving the buyer with a car payment on a pile of scrap metal. Even if the car does last the loan, you will most likely be upside down on it until your last payment is made with the super high interest rate these places charge, and the marked up car prices on these lots.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes! Speedy car loans takes trade-ins!

Yes, we take trade-ins! Speedy car loans will offer you a VERY fair amount for any trade in, and we don’t just take cars! In the past our customers have traded in boats, bikes, puppies, even antique guns! Call us to find out what your trade is worth. Please have the VIN handy, as well as the miles and any special equipment that may help us give you more towards your new car! Get out of that old high mile car and into something reliable before its too late. Speedy car loans is a Las Vegas based company that specializes in helping good people with bad credit.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another satisfied customer!

"I wanted a specific type of vehicle, a Toyota Tacoma, but I knew my credit wasn’t the best, so I was in a jam. I contacted Corey and Robert and they were able to easily finance me for what I was looking for, and then they really got to work. For 3 weeks both of them scoured the entire nation looking for my Truck, and they never quit, after a while I told them I felt bad for all the extra work they did, but they didn’t want to hear it, all they cared about was making me happy. They did, they found the perfect truck, Robert personally inspected the truck and made sure it was a great buy, and it was. They even delivered the truck to me!! I would recommend Speedy Auto Loans and HAVE recommended them to everyone I know, it’s easier then the hassle of a dealership or used car lot, and they really do want to find exactly what you want. They do a great job!! Thanks guys!!" - Will K.