Monday, May 14, 2012

Speedy Car loans customer review

After we sold this Kia Sportage to Antionette we received this great email:
Good Morning,

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all that you and your staff has done for my son and I….I made the right decision by choosing your company to get a new car…You and your staff went above and beyond with your great service….It was painless, quick and most of all the vehicle you got me is THE BOMB!!!!

You folks don’t realize how GRATEFUL my son and I are!!!!!! You’ve made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!, You’ve given me my INDEPENDENCE back, You’ve given me my CONFIDENCE back and the feeling that I CAN do things on my own., You’ve made my 6yr old son FEEL SAFE again with the vehicle you got me. As we were driving home he was so cute he and HAPPY. He told me ” Mom this car is sooooo much more roomier for me, the back windows can go down, we have a radio,we have heat, I have a cup holder in the back for me, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER MOM!!!!.

I told him that it wasn’t me who made this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER it was you folks…I can honestly say taking my neighbors advice and going to your website and applying online was THE SECOND BEST DECISION I’ve made in my life..Yes I did say second…sorry…getting a divorce almost 2yrs ago was the first….LOL.

So again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER !!! I’m ending the year 2011 on a VERY POSITIVE NOTE as well as starting the year 2012 on a VERY POSITIVE AND UPLIFTING NOTE…


Antoinette & Alexander…

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