Tuesday, September 17, 2013



Speedy Car Loans (SCL) is not just another pretty face! Although it sounds like a car title loan store, it is actually a new kind of car dealership with a twist... it is
not a dealership and it has no cars! SCL has two other unusual features. They do what they say they are going to do! How many company's in your life have you worked with
that actually do that let alone a car dealership? Last but not least, they can finance anyone!

Example: My wife and I are currently in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and my wife is the only one working a regular job. We had to give back our second car so there is a repo on our record as well.

After describing our credit situation Robert responded, "No problem, let's find you the car you want!". I gave Robert and Casey very exacting parameters (year, make, model, ext. & int. color, low miles, price). In less than a week they had found the EXACT car I specified (the car had over 6,000 miles left on the factory warranty!). For icing on the cake they got me 4 brand new tires with a lifetime warranty!

Remember the time it took just to do the paperwork when you bought your last car? We did all the paperwork and took delivery in 15 minutes! Robert, and Casey are so helpful, friendly and efficient you'll find it hard to believe they sell cars.

Here's the bottom line: You can get any car you want financed at any price with any specifications you prefer at Speedy Car Loans, FAST!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Speedy Car Loans takes care of the Vegas industry

Las Vegas local host Jay Farber turned to Speedy Car Loans when it was time to get his dream car. Speedy Car Loans took care of the transaction from start to finish. We secured his loan, found the exact car he wanted, shipped it in and had it ready for delivery. Speedy Car Loans is the premier auto loan and auto broker in the western unites states. We especially understand the unique needs of working with the people work in the Las Vegas industry. Thank you Jay for trusting us with making your dream a reality.